Colour your reality with Gorenje Colour selection

Colours infuse energy and explain emotions. The colour red is the colour of love, energy, power and strength. The blue colour is colour of loyalty, security, trust and intelligence. And the brown colour is colour of friendly, earth, nature and stability.

All our colourful appliances offer an inspiring user experience and are made to save time, energy and water.

Choose your appliance based on your personal colour scheme.

Freestanding refrigerators and freezers

Gorenje Colour selection offers full range of different colours and smart technologies to mimic the conditions similar to those found in nature, which keeps the food fresh, tasty, and full of vital nutrients for longer. On the inside, they are thoughtfully organized to allow the user optimum view and plenty of space for storage of even larger amounts. On the outside, their superior design introduces a welcome visual accent to any home and life with different colours.


Some things fare best at warm temperatures, others at cold, some dry, others damp, some in the presence of other produce, still others alone.
Keeping your sweets from sticking together:

Add sugar

Here's a good piece of advice to remember for all you candy lovers. Don’t you hate when hard candies stick together in a big lump? You bang and thump and use a lot of energy to get just a little piece of candy - all the while your mouth is watering.
There is an easier and sweeter way. Sprinkle a little sugar over the candies and put the can in the fridge. The sugar (or powdered sugar) individually coats the candies so they cannot stick together. When the can is placed in the fridge, you eliminate the risk of the candies melting together. This is most important in the summer, of course. You could, on the other hand, just eat it…
How to get the best out of your cucumber:

Put it in the drawer

A cucumber is made up essentially of water. 97 percent, and that’s still just a drop. The water content makes the cucumber particularly susceptible to bruising and climate changes.                                                                                                                                       
Because it bruises so easily, you can’t place pumpkins or watermelon on top of it, but you probably know that already. The real interesting point here is temperature: Cucumbers get refrigerator damage like sunken spots and translucent flesh, if they’re stored in temperatures that are too low, like for example on the shelf in the refrigerator. Place it in a cool place at 8˚ C, such as the vegetable bin in the refrigerator.

SensoCare washers

Gorenje washers offer extraordinary power and high efficiency. This washing machine has SensoCare technology, which enables every type of fabric to be washed in the best possible way. And there is more, you can choose your washing machine with personal colour style.


Life is not stain-free, but full of pencil lines, mashed bananas … And, once you know how to get rid of them, they are no trouble at all.
How to remove banana from a romper:

Turn to lemon and salt

Perhaps you relate lemon and salt with tequila, but the combination is also suitable for other strong stuff like banana that, in spite of its innocent outside, is a real devil when it first has gotten a hold of the baby’s wardrobe. 

Banana stains are almost impossible to remove. But only almost: Lay the banana stained romper flat on a towel, rub half of a lemon well into the stain (the material must be colourfast), spread a thick layer of salt on top and let it work for some hours in a plastic bag. Then, wash following the care instructions.

How to remove pencil marks from the arm of a blouse:

Rub or scrub

Telephone art is a great activity. You can sit and doodle or draw stick figures while you listen to your friend’s summer romance that included a piercing and new clothes.                                                                                                                                                        

And, should you happen to draw on your arm instead of paper (in the case of the very boring friend or very surprising message) just grab an eraser. Rub and the drawing is gone. If you happen to be out of erasers, pour a little dishwashing liquid on the doodles and let it set for 5-6 hours. Then follow the washing instructions.

Colourful appliances in your home

Click on the images below to see how colourful appliances can make your place look more special and charming. Let Gorenje Colour Collection improve your wellbeing every time you enter your new, vibrant home.
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